This page means a lot to me.  When you take time out of your busy day to let me know that you appreciate the products, service or support at PCWin Recovery- I'm truly humbled.  My sincerest thanks to every PCWin Recovery customer, and a special thanks to those that find the time to let me know I'm doing something right.  Best Regards- Rob @pcwinrecovery.

Latest feedback

Never mind! Tried the CD again and this time my brain must have been working. I am in! Best 15.99 I spent this week!
Thank you!!

We had tried OPHCrack and another free Offline NT Password Reset utility, but neither worked with a 64-bit Windows 7 machine.

PCWin Recovery made it easy to remove the password so we could log in and change it to what we wanted it to be.

We had tested it on a 32-bit Windows XP SP3 machine and it worked equally well on that.
Put me down as one of your most ardent supporters. Your software rocks!

For some reason my Windows 7 Ultimate laptop would not accept the password that I had been using for three months. I was really worried and tried a bunch of tricks, none of which worked. That is until I used your utility to reset the password and I am now back in business.

Thanks for making such a great product!

I created the boot cds and reset my password on my laptop running Windows 7. It worked.

Thank you, Brad
It worked! Thanks for your time.

I got your email and I found the setting in the bios that needed to be changed and then everything worked fine.

Thank you for your marvelous software.
I did it!!!! Thank You!!!! J.J.
Rob, Thank you very much. It worked great.

Emil P
Oh yeah – your product worked great and I’m completely back up and running.

Cheers, Lee.
I just wanted to give my opinion on what a great product this is. I had forgot my Windows Vista password, so I tried many of the freeware that's out there with no success.

PCWin Recovery worked great and was less than $20, compared to other software with prices from $20 up to hundreds of dollars. As an added bonus, you get the ability to recover your Windows product key and the Driver Recovery utility.

Great product at a great price.
Hi I bought the Professional version earlier today and must say it worked first time out of the box.

Thanks and Regards
Hi again….i tried the software on a home made server to test it….it worked great!!!

Anonymous Business Owner

Luke G
One of our clients got hacked and the hacker disabled the admin users, so even though the passwords were not lost, login was not possible. We felt the hacker probably created a new admin account for his use but we had no way knowing what it was much less how to log in with it.

I searched the Internet for a password cracker and purchased one from some other company. But it did not work and their support link was broken.

Finally I found PCWin Recovery. I was a little concerned because the price was so low, but I purchased it anyway.

Unfortunately our client's server is about 10 years old and PCWin Recovery had a problem viewing the local users. So I emailed PCWin Recovery support and got an answer back almost immediately!

Their programmer, Rob, actually created a special version of the program for the old server and it worked perfectly! I was able to view the hacker's user account and cleared the password.

Then I logged in and took back control of the server. PCWin Recovery is the real deal! It's easily worth 10 times the price.

Steve M
Fixed it thanks. Anonymous
You were right, I changed the bios setting. It's ok now, thanks. I had to use different boot up bios settings.

Great thanks all fixed thank god Tanya
Thank you for your marvelous software. John
Yes, thanks, I'm all set. I made the boot CD and I'm back and running. Your program is great!

Nice program got me back into computer. Saved a load of time worked the first time, no fuss no muss.
Works as promised! Tech support e-mail great. I mis-typed my e-mail address, eventhough a Saturday, issue we resolved within a few hours.
Simple to use - all you need is a blank disc. Unlocked my pc in no time.

I really appreciate your feedback.  PCWin Recovery is going on it sixth year!  The next version of PCWin Recovery is due to be released in April 2013.  Your kind words make my day.  Thanks again!

If you'd like to leave feedback send an email to info@windows-password-reset.com.

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