PCWin Recovery is located in the USA.  Support is available from 8:00 a.m. - 8:00 p.m., email for technical support or pre-sales questions.

Registration email

Our system automatically sends your registration usually within minutes of your order.  If you haven't received your registration email within 10 minutes you should...

  1. Check your junk mail, sometimes email is incorrectly flagged.
  2. Make sure that you are checking your primary PayPal or Google email address.
  3. Use the PCWin Recovery automated system to retrieve your registration.
  4. Email for assistance.

Registration system

You can easily retrieve your registration information at anytime by using our automated system.  All you need to retrieve your PCWin Recovery registration  information is your email address.  Our system will email your PCWin Recovery registration key  to your inbox immediately.  Click here to retrieve your PCWin Recovery registration information.

You can also email for assistance with your registration.

PCWin Recovery Custom Builds

PCWin Recovery is built on Microsoft Windows PE, Microsoft's recommended platform for troubleshooting Windows problems.  Microsoft PE supports more types of hardware than other recovery environments (ie. DOS and Linux).

Some computer's require 3rd party RAID or hard drive controllers drivers.  If PCWin Recovery does not display any user accounts or displays a form 308 error message than your computer requires a custom build. 

Below is a partial list of custom builds for PCWin Recovery V5

If you require a custom build of PCWin Recovery email  Include the computer's manufacturer, model and RAID or hard drive controller or the manufacturer and service tag.  You do not have to be a PCWin Recovery customer to request a custom build.

Online help

Online help provides step-by-step instructions and screenshots.

Free Download

PCWin Recovery is available as a free download , so that you can test and evaluate functions, features and compatibility.  During the evaluation you may contact support at with questions and request for custom builds.  PCWin Recovery can be used to reset local Windows logon accounts and Windows Server domain controller passwords and recover: files, Windows and Office product keys and list system drivers from unbootable (crashed) Windows computers.

Business and commercial use of PCWin Recovery is limited to 30 days after which you must purchase a license at a nominal cost or stop using it.  If you are using PCWin Recovery for personal (non-commercial use) you may use it beyond 30 days; however, to reset Windows password  you are required to purchase a license for a nominal charge.

Made in the USA and used around the world

PCWin Recovery is used in over sixty countries around the world and every state in the US.  We've help thousands of organizations, government agencies and individuals from every state including: California, New York, Texas and Florida reset Windows passwords .


Free Download PCWin Recovery
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