Reset ANY Windows 8, 7, Vista, XP, 2000 or NT logon password.

Get your free download of PCWin Recovery with Windows Password Reset.  The only Windows password reset solution guaranteed to safely and easily reset any Windows password and automatically create a backup so you can 'undo' any changes.  Windows 8 UEFI secure boot enabled password reset .

Reset ANY Windows password

PCWin Recovery resets ANY Windows password.  PCWin Recovery resets domain passwords too.  Windows 8, 7, Vista, XP, 2000  and NT stores Windows passwords in the security accounts manager (SAM) registry file on the local computer.  PCWin Recovery easily, safely and quickly modifies the SAM file. PCWin Recovery removes the local password so that you can logon to Windows without entering a password.

Removes Windows Logon Restrictions

PCWin Recovery removes logon restrictions, so that you can logon to your computer.  Windows accounts can be locked, disabled, or may have reached a failed logon attempt threshold. 
Removes Logon Restrictions, including...

  • Account disabled
  • Password expired
  • Account is locked out

PCWin Recovery removes all Windows logon restrictions that prevent you from logging on to your computer.

Accurately Identify Administrator Group Members

PCWin Recovery list all Windows accounts and accurately identifies Administrator group members.  Members of the Administrator group have extended permission to access and make changes to the computer.  When resetting any Windows password, you gain unobstructed access to your computer when you reset users' passwords that are a member of the Administrator group.  PCWin Recovery highlights Administrator group members.

Resetting Windows Passwords is Easy

PCWin Recovery displays all Windows user accounts.  Select any user account and click the 'Clear Password' button.  That's it! Remove the PCWin Recovery Boot CD and restart the computer. Now, you can logon to the Windows user account without entering a password.  Just select the user and press enter.

Safest Password Reset Available

PCWin Recovery is the safest password reset available.  Any password reset program should create a backup so that you can roll back any changes.  Unfortunately, other password reset utilities don't or can't.  PCWin Recovery creates a backup of critical Windows files.  PCWin Recovery makes it easy to 'undo' any changes.  PCWin Recovery will restore any version of Windows and roll back any changes.

Most Advanced Password Reset

Works with ANY version of Windows including the pre-release of Window 8.  PCWin Recovery is tested with every version of Windows.  PCWin Recovery is the first password reset that can reset Windows 8 passwords.  Unfortunately, many password reset utilities will not work with Windows 8 accounts. PCWin Recovery is updated, tested and verified to reset Windows 8 passwords.

Reset Windows Passwords - Tested And Works with...

  • Windows 8 and 8.1 passwords
  • Windows 7 passwords
  • Windows Vista passwords
  • Windows XP passwords
  • Windows 2000 passwords
  • Windows NT passwords

PCWin Recovery has been tested and works with 32bit and 64bit Windows.  PCWin Recovery also resets Windows Server Domain Controllers (AD) passwords.

Free To Evaluate

Please take time to evaluate PCWin Recovery before you purchase.  Download PCWin Recovery.  PCWin Recovery will not modify your computer except to extract files and start the bundled CD burner program.

Requirements For Resetting Your Windows Password

You need a blank CD-R (disc) and a computer with a CD/DVD drive or a USB Flash Drive.

Creating a boot CD/DVD is easy, start by inserting the CD-R in the CD/DVD drive, then download PCWin Recovery to your Windows desktop, documents folder, or other convenient location, unzip and install PCWin Recovery.

Creating a bootable USB flash drive is just as easy.  Download, unzip and install PCWin Recovery to your computer.

Watch the video on the PCWin Recovery Free Download page.

Free Download PCWin Recovery
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