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Password Reset X64 Edition (UEFI Support)

Password Reset X64 Edition is the recommended password reset for Microsoft Windows 8 computer with UEFI secure boot.  Password Reset X64 Edition supports all versions of Windows 8, 7, Vista, XP, 2000, and NT.

What You Need To Know About Password Reset X64 Edition...

  • Password Reset X64 Edition is BIG!  The zip file is over 300MB and it takes about at least 5 - 20 minutes to download it.  How fast (or slow) depends on your Internet connection.
  • You need a blank (new) CD-R or USB flash drive.  So, you can create the Password Reset X64 boot media.
  • You may need to modify your computer's UEFI settings to boot from the Password Reset X64 boot media.
  • Purchase a license to use Password Reset X64 Edition to reset Windows 8 passwords.  The X64 Edition download is free.  So, you can evaluate it.  Purchase a license and you can reset Windows passwords, get support and make a new friend too.  Buy Password Reset X64 Edition .

Getting Started Is Easy

Download Password Reset X64 Edition  from CNET website.  You can also download it from dropbox by clicking here , which might be faster.

Warning: This will take a while.  The zip file is over 300MB and will take time to download.

Help Creating a Password Reset X64 Boot USB Flash Drive

How to: Create a Password Reset X64 bootable USB thumb drive.

Most manufacturers including Dell, HP, Compaq, Toshiba, ACER and ASUS are using UEFI computers on all Windows 8 computers. Password Reset X64 Edition supports computers with UEFI

Password Reset X64 Edition is the only Windows password reset solution with native support for UEFI enabled computers. PCWin Recovery leads the way- again.  First Windows 8 password reset available.  First native support for UEFI computers too.

The PCWin Recovery Classic is recommended for early version of Windows (before Windows 8).  PCWin Recovery Classic works with Windows 7, Vista, XP, 2000, NT and Server 2008 and 2003.  A  free download PCWin Recovery Classic  is available.

Some computers require additional hard drive (or RAID) drivers.  If your computer requires additional drivers contact for assistance or visit the Support  page. 

Buy Password Reset X64 Edition

Password Reset X64 Edition - $29.99
  • Recommend Password Reset for Windows 8 computers with UEFI.
  • Reset Windows 8, 7, Vista, XP, 2000 and NT Passwords.
  • Licensed for one (1) user for any computer.
  • One (1) year support included.
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Buy Now - Password Reset X64 Edition Instant License $29.99 


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