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Password Audit reliably detects unknown, lost, or forgotten user accounts. Quickly find Administrators group account members that do not have a password. Easily audit local Windows user accounts.

Free for personal and business use

You can download Password Reset Audit  and it's free to use for personal and business users.

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After you download and unzip the Password Audit zip file, you can start the installer.  The installer creates shortcut (Windows Password Audit) and folder (passwordaudit) in the Windows Start menu.  Password Audit can run from a USB flash drive, just copy the exe file.  You don't need to be a member of the Administrator group.

If you don't want to install Password Audit, you can also download the zipped Password Audit (wpr.exe) file .

Password Audit Program

The main window of Windows Password Audit displays all local Windows account.  The accounts are color keyed to easily identify Windows accounts with specific characteristics.

Windows Password Audit

Color Key Codes

A color code at the bottom display account types. Of special note are 'Active account without password' and 'Enabled account in Administrator group without password'.  Depending on your needs and requirements you may easily find certain accounts using the color codes.

 Windows Password Audit color key

Password Audit Columns

The main window includes columns: Name, Description, Domain, Full Name, Locked, Disabled, Password Changeable, Password Expires, Password Required, Local Administrators Member, Password Blank and Password Expired.

Password Audit Column Descriptions

Name column is the name of local Windows accounts.  The program will list all local accounts on this computer. All names will display at the Windows logon screen (Windows XP, Vista, 7), except for disabled accounts.

Description and Full Name columns describe the local Windows account.

The Domain column is analogous to the computer name.

The Locked column displays true if the account is locked.  Locked accounts cannot logon to Windows.  You can unlock a locked account using the 'Computer Management' button.

The Disabled column displays true if an account is disabled. Disabled accounts will not display at the Windows logon window. To enable an account use 'Computer Management' and select the user and tick the 'Account is disabled' checkbox.  To enable some accounts you may also need to adjust the local Group policy described later in this documentation.

Windows Password Audit color key

The Password Changeable provides permission to change passwords. If the Password Changeable is true this user can change his password.

Password Expires is set to true if the password expires.

Password Required is set to true if this user must logon with his password after the computer activates sleep mode.

Local Administrators Members is set to true if this account is part of the Administrators group.

Password blank is set to true if this account does not have a password.  The password is set to an empty password. These accounts are not secure because no password is required to logon to Windows.

Password Expired will display true if the account password has expired. This account cannot logon to Windows.

Local Group Policy Editor

A word about the default Windows local Group Policy.  Windows 7 and Vista both include a Group Policy that restricts the Guest and a support account from logging into Windows.  You can view the Group Policy for a computer by selecting the menu 'Commands' > 'Local Group Policy Editor' in Password Audit program.  Certain accounts will be affected by the 'Deny logon locally' policy.  If you have sufficient permissions, you can override this setting using the Group Policy Editor.

Windows Password Audit color key

Save Password Audit Information

Password Audit also provides additional features. Save the password information to an HTML file, CSV, or Tab delimited file. You may append CSV and Tab files with many computer accounts in a single file for import into Excel or other program for more in depth reporting.

Additional Support

If you require additional assistance, please contact

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