Reset Windows Server 2008 (R2), 2008, or 2003 domain controller password.

PCWin Recovery makes it easy to create new Administrator group users and reset the Administrators password on locked Windows Server domain controllers.

PCWin Recovery - Reset Domain Controller Password

Unlock any Windows Server

PCWin Recovery can get you back into Windows Server 2008, 2003; SBS 2011, 2008, and 2003 and SBS Essentials Server too.  PCWin Recovery can set the Administrator's password if you are locked out of your computer.  PCWin Recovery can also create new users (members of the Admin group) too.

So, if you're locked out of your Windows Server because the password is unknown or forgotten, you can use PCWin Recovery to log back into your Windows Server.

Easy to user Wizard - Steps you through unlocking your Windows Server

PCWin Recovery makes it easy for you to unlock your Windows Server.  Boot from the PCWin Recovery boot CD or USB flash drive.  Use PCWin Recovery domain password reset program to reset the Administrator's password or add a new user to the admin group.

Accurately displays your domain information

PCWin Recovery displays your Windows Server's domain information.  Review any domain information like: root domain, machine dn name, configuration, etc.  Then click next to reset the domain admin user or create a new user to the domain admin group.

Unlock Windows Server

Unlock Windows Server: 2008(R2), 2008, 2003, SBS: 2011, 2008, 2003, SBS Essentials: 2011.  Reset Windows Server domain password even if you can't logon to the server.

Try PCWin Recovery

Please take time to evaluate PCWin Recovery before you purchase. Download PCWin Recovery. PCWin Recovery will not modify your computer except to extract files and start PCWin Recovery Boot Media Creator.

Custom PCWin Recovery build for your Windows Server

Your Windows Server may use a RAID or hard drive controller that is supported by 3rd party drivers.  If PCWin Recovery does not display your domain information in step two of the Domain Password Reset program your computer likely requires a PCWin Recovery custom build.  To request a PCWin Recovery custom build  visit our support page.

Free Download PCWin Recovery
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