Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)


Question: I just bought PCWin Recovery. Where's my registration code?

Our system will send an email with your registration information once your payment clears PayPal (or Google Checkout).  Your registration email normally arrives within a few minutes of completing your payment.

We closely monitor registration emails.  If you haven't received a registration email you should...

Question: How do I retrieve my registration?

Once you complete your purchase, you can retrieve your PCWin Recovery registration at anytime.  PCWin Recovery makes it easy for you to retrieve your registration, our automated system will send your registration information to your email address.


Question: Will PCWin Recovery work with my computer?

Yes, PCWin Recovery will work with your computer. PCWin Recovery is built on Microsoft Windows PE, Microsoft's recommended platform for troubleshooting Windows.  PCWin Recovery supports any Windows computer systems, unlike DOS and Linux based recovery solutions.

Question: Does PCWin Recovery work with Windows 8?

Yes, PCWin Recovery has been updated to work with Windows 8. Microsoft introduced a new account type in Windows 8, PCWin Recovery correctly identifies this new account type and resets the Windows password.  PCWin Recovery supports Windows 8, 7, Vista, XP, 2000 and NT.

Question: Can I create a PCWin Recovery CD if can't logon as the Administrator?

Yes, you can create a PCWin Recovery CD as a regular (non-Administrator) user.


Questions: Where is PCWin Recovery technical support located?

PCWin Recovery is located in the United States and technical support is available from 8:00 a.m. - 8:00 p.m. (EST).

Email for support.


PCWin Recovery Windows Password Reset doesn't display any users or display an error message.

PCWin Recovery is compatible with more computer systems than any other solution.  If PCWin Recovery doesn't display any user accounts, then your computer requires a 3rd party driver for RAID/ hard drive controller.  Send an email request for support and include your computer manufacturer, model and RAID/ hard drive controller, or the computer's manufacturer and service tag.

PCWin Recovery is the only recovery solution that can guarantee compatibility with any Windows computer, because PCWin Recovery is the only solution that can create custom builds for specialized hardware.

Creating and Using PCWin Recovery Boot Media

Question: How do I create a PCWin Recovery Boot CD?

After you download, unzip and start the installer, PCWin Recovery Boot Media program will launch.  Simply put a blank (new) CDR in the CDROM drive and click the 'Create Boot CD' button.  If you need more help visit our web page for instructions on how to create a PCWin Recovery boot CD.

Question: How do I create a PCWin Recovery Bootable USB flash drive?

After you download, unzip and start the installer, PCWin Recovery Boot Media program will launch.  Simply plug a USB flash drive into your computer's USB port and click the 'Create Bootable USB'.

Question: How do I set my computer to boot from the CD or USB?

Setting your computer's boot device order involves only three steps: entering the BIOS setup utility, modifying the boot order settings and saving the changes. Despite the seemingly simplicity of these three steps, the actual procedure is sometimes very difficult. That's because the procedure to enter the BIOS setup, modify and save BIOS settings varies widely from manufacturer to manufacturer. For specific help with your computer's BIOS, check your computer's documentation, view our BIOS online help, or send an email to

Our Philosophy

Question: What do we believe in?

Our company philosophy is based on the 'Golden Rule'.  Find out more about the Golden Rule at Wikipedia.

Question: How does our philosophy influence us?

Our philosophy influences all aspects of our business.  Our development is based on providing high value because that's what we would expect.  We answer email message quickly, accurately and with careful consideration, because that's the 'right' way to provide support.  We create support systems that are easy to use because it's convenient to you.  We don't share your email or any of your information with 3rd parties.  We maintain, support and enhance our products, so you can continue to benefit in the future.  We continue to explore ways to improve our service and products and appreciate your feedback. Email

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